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About Other / Hobbyist Sarah Barker23/Female/United States Groups :iconpokemon-oc-artwork: Pokemon-OC-Artwork
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IT'S TIME TO STOP! :iconsrbarker:srbarker 18 19 Selling Old OCs (12/21 OPEN!) :iconsrbarker:srbarker 24 50 Princess Nightshade :iconsrbarker:srbarker 25 4 Killdeer Eggs :iconsrbarker:srbarker 6 0 FC: Soft And Cuddly Like Mashed Potatoes :iconsrbarker:srbarker 14 3 A Childhood Icon :iconsrbarker:srbarker 18 5 Ed, Edd n Eddy Controversy Meme :iconsrbarker:srbarker 10 1 It's Still There :iconsrbarker:srbarker 4 0 FC: You're Running Out Of Bloo Wigs! :iconsrbarker:srbarker 17 7 FC: That's My Horse! :iconsrbarker:srbarker 11 11 Barkerverse: Lyra and Bonbon's Family :iconsrbarker:srbarker 17 1 Disliked Ships AU: Andromeda :iconsrbarker:srbarker 33 1 Birds Are Delicious :iconsrbarker:srbarker 7 1 Disliked Ships AU: Big Mac's Kids :iconsrbarker:srbarker 25 3 20 CheesePies :iconsrbarker:srbarker 43 15 Hollywood :iconsrbarker:srbarker 7 0


Nextgen~Princess Wisteria~ :iconcrystalmoon101:crystalmoon101 36 6 Pokemon Tales - Protection :iconduckyworth:Duckyworth 11 6 Best Auntie Ever :iconluminaura:luminaura 436 23 this is the worst (FULLVIEW BLS) :iconcinsaut:cinsaut 13 4 (Spoiler S7) After The Episode 001 :iconsaturnstar14:SaturnStar14 68 65 No it's not. :iconsweetie-pinkie:Sweetie-Pinkie 127 719 Scales :iconfantagekittengirl:fantagekittengirl 2 0 OC Ref: Dazzling Dixie Dee the Draconicorn :iconsilverromance:SilverRomance 116 20 Hugging Dororo :iconludiculouspegasus:LudiculousPegasus 13 1 Arice :icongreyshi:Greyshi 11 0 Bryer Shade :iconeeveewhite97:Eeveewhite97 25 0 Celebi used Leaf Storm! :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 174 12 qverse | Cider Heart :iconq-aunti:q-aunti 19 11 Dapper-Apple :iconventus-imperatrix:Ventus-Imperatrix 14 18 Bindverse next gen:TBA :iconbrigth-doddles99:brigth-doddles99 6 0 Alolan Gyrados And Magikarp (Remake) :iconshadowtoychica:ShadowToyChica 8 0
I fave stuff that I like, so there's a LOT in here. :XD:

Webcam by ShinyWhiteWatersWebcam


To be honest, this has always been one of my absolute favorite pieces of art from your gallery. It's just so adorable. I'll admit that ...

Since my premium has only a couple days left to live, I'm gonna do a critique while I still have the ability to do so. First off, I LOV...

Okay, it's been a while since I've done a critique, so here I go. First off, let me say that I ADORE your art style. The way you drew t...

OMG dis was soooooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!1!!!!! Why did Twiligjt havta dai? She wuz sooooooooooo young an pretty!! Now her poor huzband is a...


Selling Old OCs (12/21 OPEN!)
I've decided to give away some old OCs that I don't want anymore.

1. Mossy March
Cost: 15 :points:
Taken by

2. Princess Dawn Shine (Old third gen OC)
Cost: 10:points:
Taken by

3. Princess Dusk (Old third gen OC
Cost: 10:points:
Taken by

4. Beau (Comes with this manticore OC:…)
Cost: 10:points:
Taken by

5. Azure Shield
Cost: 15 :points:
Taken by

6. Glittering Gem (Old Sparity foal)
Cost: 10:points:
Taken by :iconkitlynsolstice:

7. Jasmine (Old Sparity foal)
Cost: 15 :points:
Taken by :iconcrystal-lime:

8. Lavender Spritz
Cost: 5:points:
Taken by

9. Arwen
Cost: 10:points:
Taken by :iconbrigth-doddles99:

10. Sweet Surprise (Old CheesePie foal)
Cost: 10:points:
Taken by

11. Flaring Smoke (Old Spifire x Caramel foal)
Cost: 15:points:
Taken by

12. Crab Apple (Old BraeJack foal)
Cost: 15:points:
Taken by :iconlittlecloud430:

13. Sugar Storm (Old PinkieBlitz foal)
Cost: 15:points:
Taken by :iconangei-bites:

14. Snow Storm (Old DoubleGlimmer foal)
Cost: 10:points:
Taken by

15. Icy Wind (Old DoubleGlimmer foal)
Cost: 10:points:
Taken by

16. Cinder (Old draconequss OC)
Cost: 30:points:
Taken by :iconkawaiipetalz:

17. Sweet Pea (Old Braeburn x Raindrops foal)
Cost: 15:points:
Taken by

18. Apple Danish (Old DonutJack foal)
Cost: 10:points:
Taken by

19. Prince Odium (Old ChrySombra foal) (Comes with fanart: whitefangkakashi300.deviantart………)
Cost: 25:points:
Taken by :iconsamitham:

20. Princess Vespula (ChrysaRek daughter that I plan on re-designing)
Cost: 25:points:
Taken by :iconsarahostervig:

21. Spectrum Bolt (Old third gen OC)
Cost: 15:points:
Taken by

22. Scales (Old DisSike foal)
Cost: 15:points:
Taken by :iconfantagekittengirl:

23. Copernicus (Old ShiningCord foal)
Cost: 15:points:
Taken by

24. Winter Breeze (Old RariLane foal)
Cost: 10:points:
Taken by

Le Rules: (PLEASE READ!)
- You're allowed to add/remove wings and a horn.
- You're allowed to change the parents.
- You're allowed to change the gender.
- You're allowed to change the hair style.
- You're allowed to change the name.
- You're allowed to change the colors slightly (i.e. light blue to darker blue), but not drastically (i.e. light pink to dark green).
- You are NOT allowed to use them in ultra grimdark or Rule 34 situations.
- You're only allowed to have one character from this adoptable sheet.
- These are first come, first serve. But if you're willing to offer more, you can have it.
- Do not harass other buyers in the comments.
- If you no longer want the OC you adopted, you're allowed to return it and I give you a full refund.
- Please give me credit for the design you adopt.
If you adopt one of these foals, PLEASE USE THEM. I'm tired of having people adopt my designs and not using them at all.
Just a reminder, I have a base account:

Base - The Sorry Stamp by SaraBeanBases

What's next? Tom and Jerry in King Kong? Tom and Jerry in Jaws? Tom and Jerry in 2001? TOM AND JERRY IN THE FREAKING SHINING?!
  • Watching: Bobsheaux
  • Playing: Pokemon Emerald
  • Eating: Pistachios
  • Drinking: Water


Hybrid Fanfoals
Hybrids cost 20:points:, as they tend to take longer. If you want any specific details, feel free to let me know. I do accept OC x OC or OC x Canon.
MLP Fanfoals
10:points: per fanfoal. If you want any specific details, feel free to let me know. I do accept OC x OC or OC x Canon.


Sarah Barker
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I am a native of Michigan whose hobbies are reading, drawing, playing video games and watching cartoons and movies.

...So, that's about it. :XD:

My adoptables account: :iconsarabeanadopts:

My base account: :iconsarabeanbases:

Some random plz accounts that I made:
:iconflounderpplz: :icondonbluthglareplz: :iconcrazyoldmanplz: :iconbeautygaspplz: :icongrumpyduckyplz: :iconangryshangplz:

My 3DS friend code: 3737-9723-4072

I also have a YouTube account:…

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.:request:. CometSparkle Stamp by schwarzekatze4 .:request:. FlutterMac Stamp by schwarzekatze4 AppleJoe Stamp by srbarker .SoarinDash. by Mn27 Raripike Stamp by migueruchan CheesePie Stamp by DemonKaizoku PipBloom Stamp by srbarker REQUEST: Featherloo by Zero-Janitor DinkySplit Stamp by srbarker Commission: SnailSugar Stamp by Crazii-Drawing .:request:. DisLestia Stamp by schwarzekatze4 LunaHunter Stamp by srbarker Trixglimburst Stamp by babypaste REQUEST: Cheer-Brulee by Zero-Janitor .:request:. FancyFleur Stamp by schwarzekatze4 .:request:. NeonScratch Stamp by schwarzekatze4 SourPie [ STAMP ] by Iesbeans LyraxBon Bon Stamp by migueruchan DoctorDerpy stamp 1 - request by freezestamps .:request:. ThunderBlossom Stamp by schwarzekatze4 .:request:. PonetTwister Stamp by schwarzekatze4 BulkChaser Stamp by srbarker [Stamp] SugarFavor by Tambelon [Stamp] NightDiamond by Tambelon Roveloose Stamp by Crazii-Drawing DaringZotl Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12 FlashShimmer Stamp by resotii Chrysombra/Sombralis Stamp by RossmaniteAnzu

Current Residence: In the MLP: FiM Fandom
Personal Quote: I'm not weird, you're just too normal.


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