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I fave stuff that I like, so there's a LOT in here. :XD:

Webcam by ShinyWhiteWatersWebcam


To be honest, this has always been one of my absolute favorite pieces of art from your gallery. It's just so adorable. I'll admit that ...

Since my premium has only a couple days left to live, I'm gonna do a critique while I still have the ability to do so. First off, I LOV...

Okay, it's been a while since I've done a critique, so here I go. First off, let me say that I ADORE your art style. The way you drew t...

OMG dis was soooooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!1!!!!! Why did Twiligjt havta dai? She wuz sooooooooooo young an pretty!! Now her poor huzband is a...


I just downloaded Pokemon Yellow from the Nintendo eShop (I had enough cash to buy it thanks to a gift card that my mom got me for Valentines Day), so I thought it would be fun to do a Nuzlocke run. :D

1. Nickname all Pokemon. (Since this is Gen I and there are no genders, I'm gonna try to give everyone gender neutral nicknames.)
2. Can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area. If it faints or flees, then you can't catch anything else.
3. Gift Pokemon don't count and can be received in addition to that area's catch.

4. Duplicates Clause: You can't catch a Pokemon that's already been caught.
5. Evolutions Clause: You can't catch the evolved form of a Pokemon that's already been caught.
6. Repels cannot be used.
7. Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead, and must be permanently boxed. No revives, no exceptions.

February 14:
- Received Sparks the Pikachu.
- Fought against Jerk (That's what I decided to name my rival in this playthrough.) Sparks hit Eevee with Thundershock and paralyzed it, and got hit with Tackle. Sparks took down Eevee with three more Thundershocks. (Eevee kept spamming Tail Whip. :p)
- Delivered Oak's Parcel and received the Pokedex.
- Missed catching a Pidgey on Route 1. (Darn critical hits.)
- Caught Johnny the Nidoran (Lv. 2) on Route 22.
- Caught Cheddar the Rattata (Lv. 3) on Route 2.
- Lost Cheddar to a wild Pidgey on the same route.

R.I.P. Cheddar the Rattata
Lv. 3 - 4

- Caught Flitt the Caterpie (Lv. 5) in Viridian Forest.
- Flitt evolved into Metapod after a battle against a wild Pidgey.

February 15:
- Flitt evolved into Butterfree after a trainer battle in Viridian Forest.
- Did some grinding to prepare for the first gym.
- Took a brief break from grinding to visit the Pewter City Museum. 
- Fought against Gym Leader Brock. Flitt hit Geodude with Poison Powder, got hit with Tackle, hit Geodude with Confusion, then took it down with another Confusion. Onix hit Johnny with Bind, then Johnny retaliated with Double Kick. Onix hit Johnny with Screech, Johnny used Double Kick, Onix used Bide, then Johnny took it down with three more kicks.
- Caught Gale the Spearow (Lv. 8) on Route 3.
- Received Maelstrom the Magikarp (Lv. 5). Place it in the PC.
- Caught Echo the Zubat (Lv. 8) at Mt. Moon.
- Did some grinding to help Gale and Echo catch up with the rest of the team.
- Lost Echo in a trainer battle in Mt. Moon.

R.I.P. Echo the Zubat
Lv. 8 - 13

- Johnny evolved into Nidorino after a battle against a Team Rocket grunt.
- Fought against the Super Nerd guarding the two fossils. Flitt OHKO'ed Grimer with Confusion. Johnny hit Voltord with Horn Attack, dodged Screech, then finished it off with another Horn Attack. Flitt hit Koffing with Sleep Powder and took it down with Confusion and Tackle.
- Took the Dome Fossil.
- Fought against Jessie and James. Flitt hit Ekans with Sleep Powder and hit it with a OHKO Confusion. Sparks hit Meowth with Thundershock, got hit with Scratch, used Quick Attack, got hit with Growl, then finished it off with a critical hit Thundershock. Gale hit Koffing with Fury Attack, dodged Tackle, used Peck, got hit with Smog, then finished it off with another Quick Attack.
- Caught Aspen the Sandshrew (Lv. 10) on Route 4.
- Received Hibiscus the Bulbasaur (Lv. 10).

February 16:
- Did some grinding.
- Boxed Aspen.
- Hibiscus evolved into Ivysaur after beating a wild Spearow on Route 4.
- Fought against Jerk in Cerulean City. Sparks hit Spearow with Thundershock, got hit with Peck, then finished it off with another Thundershock. Hibiscus OHKO'ed Sandshrew with Vine Whip. Johnny got hit with Quick Attack and took down Rattata with two hits of Double Kick. Flitt hit Eevee with Poison Powder, got hit with Sand Attack, hit Eevee with Confusion, then switched out for Gale who finished it off with three hits of Fury Attack.
-Fought against the Team Rocket grunt at the end of Nugget Bridge.
- Sparks hit Ekans with Thundershock, got hit with Leer, hit Ekans with another Thundershock, got hit with another Leer, then finished it off with Quick Attack. Sparks OHKO'ed Zubat with Thundershock.
- Received Cinder the Charmander (Lv. 10).
- Did some grinding to prepare for the next gym and to help Cinder catch up with the rest of the team.
- Caught Icarus the Pidgey (Lv. 15) on Route 24.
- Cinder evolved into Charmeleon after beating a wild Pidgey on Route 24.
- Caught Amaranth the Oddish (Lv. 14) on Route 25.
- Received the S.S. Ticket from Bill.
- Gale evolved into Fearow after beating a wild Oddish on Route 25.
- Used my Moon Stone to evolve Johnny into Nidoking.

February 18:
Fought against Gym Leader Misty. Hibiscus hit Staryu with Poison Powder, got hit with Tackle, then knocked it out with Vine Whip. Sparks hit Starmie with Thunder Wave, Misty used an X Defend, Sparks used Thundershock, got hit with Water Gun, hit Starmie with a critical hit Slam and then finished it off with Thundershock.
- Fought against the Team Rocket grunt near Cerulean City. Gale OHKO'ed Machop with Peck. Sparks hit Drowzee with Thundershock and got hit by Hypnosis. Sparks then switched out for Cinder, who took down Drowzee with two hits of Ember.
- Missed catching an Abra on Route 5.
- Missed catching another Abra on Route 6.
- Caught Pebble the Diglett (Lv. 18) in Diglett's Cave.
- Lost Hibiscus to a wild Dugtrio in Diglett's Cave.

R.I.P. Hibiscus the Ivysaur
Lv. 10 - 25

- Fought against Rival Jerk on the S.S. Anne. Sparks OHKO'ed Spearow with Thunderbolt. Johnny got hit with Quick Attack and OHKO'ed Rattata with Double Kick. Flitt hit Sandshrew with Poison Powder, got hit with Slash, then took down Sandshrew with Confusion. Cinder took down Eevee with three hits of Ember.
- Took Aspen out of the PC and taught them Cut.
- Fought against Gym Leader Lt. Surge. Raichu hit Johnny with Mega Punch, Johnny used Leer, Surge used an X Speed, and Johnny took down Raichu with two hits of Thrash. 
- Received Riptide the Squirtle.
- Caught Kadin the Drowzee (Lv. 14) on Route 11.
- Did some grinding to help Riptide catch up with the rest of the team.
- Riptide evolved into Wartortle after a battle against a wild Pidgeotto.
- Caught Quartz the Onix (Lv. 18) in Rock Cave.
- Made my way through Rock Cave without using Flash. (I kinda cheated and looked up a walkthrough on YouTube for this part. I just didn't want to teach any of my Pokemon Flash, okay?)
- Caught Mel the Jigglypuff (Lv. 24) on Route 8.
- Missed catching an Abra on Route 7. (I hate Teleport. DX)

February 21:

- Did some grinding to prepare for the next gym.
- Caught Kiwi the Doduo (Lv. 22) on Route 16 using a Great Ball.
- Taught Fly to Gale.
- Temporarily left Riptide at the Day Care. (I won't really be needing him since the next gym uses Grass types.)

February 23:
- Cinder evolved into Charizard after a trainer battle in Celadon City gym.
- Fought against Gym Leader Erika. Cinder OHKO'ed Tangela with Ember. Flitt hit Weepinbell with Psybeam, almost got KO'ed by a critical hit Acid, then finished it off with another Psybeam. Gale OHKO'ed Gloom with Fly.
- Took Riptide out of the Day Care.
- Received Kitt the Eevee (Lv. 25). But since I already have an Electric type, a Water type and a Fire type on my team, I'm gonna use him as backup in case I lose either Sparks or Cinder.
- Riptide evolved into Blastoise after eating a Rare Candy.
- Fought against the Team Rocket grunt at Celadon Game Corner. Sparks OHKO'ed Raticate and Zubat with Thunderbolt.
- Received the Lift Key.
- Fought against Jessie and James in Rocket Hideout. Flitt OHKO'ed Koffing with Psybeam. Sparks OHKO'ed Meowth with Thunderbolt. Cinder OHKO'ed Ekans with a critical hit Slash.
- Fought against Giovanni. Flitt hit Onix with Poison Powder, dodged Rock Throw, hit him with Psybeam, then got KO'ed by a critical hit Psybeam. Riptide avenged him with Water Gun and OHKO'ed Rhyhorn with Water Gun. Johnny took down Persian with two hits of Double Kick.

R.I.P. Flitt the Butterfree
Lv. 5 - 37

- Fought against Jerk in Pokemon Tower. Sparks OHKO'ed Fearow with Thunderbolt. Johnny OHKO'ed Magnemite with Horn Attack. Sparks OHKO'ed Shellder with Thunderbolt. Riptide OHKO'ed Sandshrew with Water Gun. Cinder OHKO'ed Eevee with a critical hit Slash.
- Caught Spectre the Gastly (Lv. 25) at Pokemon Tower using a Great Ball.
- Spectre evolved into Haunter after a wild Pokemon battle.
- Boxed Spectre.
- Fought against the ghost Marowak in Pokemon Tower. Sparks used Slam, got hit with Headbutt, and then switched out for Riptide, who finished it off with Water Gun.
- Fought against Jessie and James. Sparks OHKO'ed Meowth with THunderbolt. Johnny took down Arbok and Weezing with Thrash.
- Received the Poke Flute.
- Took Kadin out of the PC.
- Did some grinding to help Kadin catch up with the rest of the team.
- Caught Taft the Snorlax (Lv. 30) on Route 12 with a Great Ball (and help from Johnny).
- Taught Ice Beam to Riptide.
  • Listening to: "Heroes" by David Bowie
  • Reading: Bulbapedia
  • Watching: Dirty Dancing
  • Playing: Pokemon Yellow
  • Eating: Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
  • Drinking: Coke Zero
637 deviations

All important movies begin with a black screen.
  • Watching: Phelous
  • Playing: Pokemon Yellow
  • Eating: Ice Cream
  • Drinking: Fruit Punch


Hybrid Fanfoals
Hybrids cost 20:points:, as they tend to take longer. If you want any specific details, feel free to let me know. I do accept OC x OC or OC x Canon.
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Sarah Barker
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I am a native of Michigan whose hobbies are reading, drawing, playing video games and watching cartoons and movies.

...So, that's about it. :XD:

My adoptables account: :iconsarabeanadopts:

Some random plz accounts that I made:
:iconflounderpplz: :icondonbluthglareplz: :iconcrazyoldmanplz: :iconbeautygaspplz: :icongrumpyduckyplz: :iconangryshangplz:

My 3DS friend code: 3737-9723-4072

I also have a YouTube account:…

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Current Residence: In the MLP: FiM Fandom
Personal Quote: I'm not weird, you're just too normal.


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